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About Us


Hello, my Main Haiven babes, I would first off love to say thank you for supporting my small business, it means the world to me!

My name is Kassandra and I am the founder and CEO of Main Haiven Jewelry. Main Haiven Jewelry is a small jewelry brand that launched in February 2021. I grew a passion for jewelry ever since I was a little girl. I got my bachelor’s in business administration and it furthered my passion to own my own business that I would truly love, which was jewelry. That is how Main Haiven Jewelry was created.

Main Haiven’s goal is to create a safe haven for anyone who buys our jewelry pieces. Our materials are gold-filled, vermeil and gold plated which will not turn your skin green. All or products are lead & nickel free and hypoallergenic.

I wanted to create a brand where our materials would be still very affordable and have good quality that would not turn your skin green and would be sensitive to all skin types. I personally have sensitive skin and I would always buy solid gold jewelry or low-quality jewelry. I either would break my bank account or come out looking green. Therefore, I started to research and found great alternatives that would not break my bank account and wreck my skin. That is why Main Haiven Jewelry is your safe haven. I want others to feel safe, comfortable, empowering and ready to live for any moment, without having the fear of your skin turning green or being allergic.

I hope you enjoy browsing through Main Haiven Jewelry and finding that perfect jewelry piece that you will absolutely love <3